Terragon Nature Lab is an open laboratory, a living and lively demonstration of self-sufficient and regenerative living. We design vibrant interactive learning experiences to empower young people to stay informed, engaged and active in making positive changes for a better world.

In the light of the recent student marches and other movements for climate change, we observe a genuine interest among young people to participate and contribute to the global challenge of sustaining our world for future generations. We want to answer their call by enabling them with the knowledge and skills to be able to reimagine and rebuild our world.

We believe there is a great need for young generations to

       gain awareness and knowledge on the topics of climate change, sustainability, and regenerative living,


Terragon Nature Lab provides a programme for students to learn about self-sufficient and regenerative living. It engages the students with knowledge, data, tools, and experts to generate reflections on how to help ensure a thriving planet for future generations.

The learning programme is divided into six modules:

  • Shelter
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Food
  • Air, and
  • Waste Management

Each module includes an online learning game, a teacher’s manual with information and tasks, and a visit to Terragon facilities to experience in our open laboratory what they learned at school.


As a result of the programme, children will learn about regenerative living in a playful and experiential way, have more awareness of concrete steps that can be taken for a sustainable future, get exposed to several sustainable and self-sufficient technologies and co-create ideas of how they can make adjustments in their everyday life. In addition the programme:

  • develops skills such as critical thinking, real-world problem solving, creativity, collaboration, global awareness, social awareness, and managing complexities,
  • supports creative and collaborative learning,
  • provides an engaging and participatory environment,
  • encourages a 21st-century style of learning,
  • is highly suitable for interdisciplinary learning and for independent learning (can be used for distance education, to support presential learning, or to fill in productive time without a teacher and allows for more personalised and autodidactic learning).

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Because of our worldwide network of contributors, the programme can be available at NO COST for schools.
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Terragon Nature Lab provides knowledge and tools for young people to PLAY, LEARN and EXPERIMENT for a more regenerative living so they can evolve into the creative and socially responsible citizens that the world needs today.

This programme is possible with your support!