Terragon Nature Lab is an open laboratory, a knowledge hub, and an incubation space that explores what is regenerative thinking and self-sustaining living in an integral context. To this end, we provide a playground where children, students and researchers can
on ways to nurture our social and natural systems to thrive in the long term.

Our projects and activities are a cross-over between real and virtual environments, art, technology, theatre, serious gaming, urban development, collective intelligence and innovation. For over 18 years, multidisciplinary groups and communities come together at Terragon to connect with nature, gain awareness, learn, consult, co-create, collaborate, support, inspire and encourage one another, participate in decision-making processes, and engage in collective action. 

We strive to engage, empower and bring cohesion among groups of people who want to shape new scenarios for a regenerative world. But what does regenerative thinking mean? The truth is that it is there is not a clear definition. However, to put it simply, we can think of “green” as doing less harm, “sustainable” as doing no harm, and “regenerative” as doing some good.

Regenerative thinking is about

     a conscious choice to make a forward change,


Our Amsterdam homebase is a picturesque nature reserve of 2.5 acres located in the largest green area of Amsterdam, The Gardens of West, a unique 700-hectare rural and recreation landscape. We are strategically located 10 km away from Central Station and Schiphol. Our location consists of forest and garden areas, multiple wagons and magical spaces, including a 10-meter tall tipi and a main building. It provides the beautiful atmosphere of a faraway retreat, a hidden gem, an oasis in Amsterdam.


Terragon Nature Lab was founded by Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz, an engineer from MIT and a strategic advisor on sustainability. For years, we have initiated innovative projects together with non-profit organizations, companies, and governmental bodies, as well as students and researchers from multiple fields. Every year we welcome people with different skills from all over the world, such as scientists, builders, programmers, designers, artists, camp counselors, and farmers. And as such, we have a constant flow of talents, ideas, and cultures enriching our template for regenerative living.


At the heart of Terragon is building a living and lively demonstration of a collaborative ecosystem that supports nature and regenerative living. Our projects and activities include nature camps for children, canvas for eco-artists to inspire and bring awareness to nature’s challenges, outdoor learning laboratory for schools and visitors, programs for nature enthusiasts of all ages, real-life experiments that explore new formats for regenerative living, workshops, collective creativity sessions, symposia, scientists and farmers in residence and many more.