Stadslandgoed Nieuw-West

STADSLANDGOED NIEUW-WESTIn 2018, Terragon developed a vision for the Tuinen van West that embraced a regenerative approach for one of its polders. We mentored six Masters students from Wageningen University…
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Fabula festum

FABULA FESTUMCommissioned by Jan Hartholt former director of Kasteel Groeneveld and the Rural Network, Terragon developed a festival format called Fabula Festum (Story Carnival) with the goal of co-creating cultural…
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Collective Creativity Salon

COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY SALONSocietal challenges require the ideas, thoughts, and commitment from a wide group of players from multiple disciplines. Quite often, people from very diverse backgrounds, such as government, NGOs,…
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PLAYREALSince 2004 Terragon has been developing serious games for social good. We are pioneers of alternate reality and transreality games in Europe, blending online/mobile/live channels. PlayReal, a massive multiplayer online…
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