Societal challenges require the ideas, thoughts, and commitment from a wide group of players from multiple disciplines. Quite often, people from very diverse backgrounds, such as government, NGOs, academics, corporations, entrepreneurs, civil groups, and individuals need to come together. But how to enable people -that often don’t know each other- to generate sustainable ideas as a team? 

Terragon Collective Creativity Salon is an online/offline collaborative environment that help solve real-world challenges, open up possibilities, and support innovation. The process is carefully designed to remove the main barriers to collective creativity: 

Time and space:
Terragon immerses players into playful online and live environments to create a more open, flexible and intuitive grounds where creativity can flourish. The online platform ultimately saves a lot of live meeting’s time, while still allowing time for learning, exploring and reflecting.

Shared intention:
Terragon’s process creates focused intentionality around a single challenge to build momentum.

Safe environment:
Terragon is designed to make players feel safe to express and share their ideas without judgement.

An essential part of collective creativity is the need to listen/be listened and acknowledge/ be acknowledged for their contributions. Terragon’s acknowledgement system leads to choices that are democratic and unbiased to find the best solutions for the given challenge.

Using theatrics, storytelling and game mechanics we create ludic environments that make people feel relaxed, and promotes bondage within the group and can help participants get into a state of inspiration.

To support creativity and bonding Terragon defines physical, virtual and social architectures, such as space organisation, an abundance currency, rituals for preparing, nourishing and closing the field, and co-creation process + facilitation.

Since 2004 Terragon has been developing platforms for collaboration, blending gaming elements as well as online/mobile/live channels to increase engagement. At Terragon Collective Creativity Salons people connect in meaningful ways — to improve communication, foster collaboration and add to the collective intelligence and social capital.

For more information or to book a SALON, get in touch with us.