“Mobile Playgrounds” pioneered the notion of creating transportable multimedia workspaces for virtually-oriented freelancers and creatives (“Human Plug-ins”) who work in different locations (now well known as Digital Nomads and co-working spaces). In collaboration with Cellspace, architect Han Slawik, and two TU Delft teams, we developed an ahead-of-its-time concept and detailed drawings for a high-tech co-working complex.

Mobile Playgrounds features an on-line and off-line think, play and production tank consisting of 40ft sea containers. The unique design of the “lab” offers a “sexy” affordable physical space for young creatives to further develop and collaborate with others on an international level. In addition to office spaces (for project initiation, coordination, administration and project execution), the buildings also house photo, video and sound studios, test rooms, meeting and recreational facilities, a manager’s house and guest accommodation.

Its benefits are multifold: promote online and offline collaboration, reuse vacant buildings, warehouses and sheds in Amsterdam, create affordable, sexy and mobile workplaces with sea containers, develop an environment conducive for exchange of knowledge and innovation, use of the latest multimedia techniques and online platforms, utilise the existing sea container infrastructure to “ship your office” to different locations, transform the sea container as the face of a young and flexible network organization.