Important information: Prepare for Camp

What to wear

Make sure your child wears weather appropriate and comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty/ muddy/ painted. Please put an extra set of clothes (including socks) and garden/rain boots even if it’s not raining. Include rain gear depending on the weather.

In the summer please also add a bathing suit and a towel for going under the sprinklers (no swimming) if the weather allows. A set of long pants can be useful too for going in the woods.

Sunblock, anti-allergy and other

We won’t be smearing anything on the children’s skin so please do this at home. Our location is an area covered by trees, so most of the time they are not directly exposed to the sun. If your child(ren) need(s) for a specific reason extra sunblock, anti-allergy medication, insect repellent or other please include it in his bag and let us know.

We never had ticks at Terragon but we suggest you do a tick check when they come home every day just like you would do every time they are in a grassy area anywhere.

Other important information

FOOD AND DRINKS: We request that for both holiday nature camps and Wednesday nature club, kids bring their own snacks, lunch and bottle of water. We do provide healthy snacks such as fruits, snack vegetables, crackers, spreads, etc. and sometimes we bake bread in the campfire. However, we ask parents to bring their own food because children don’t always like food they have not tried before. Kids can refill the water bottle here.

PICK-UP/ DROP-OFF and EXTRA HOURS: Please see this page