Important information: Prepare for Camp

What to wear

Make sure your child wears weather appropriate and comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty/ muddy/ painted. Please put an extra set of clothes (including socks) and garden/rain boots even if it’s not raining. Include rain gear depending on the weather.

In the summer please also add a bathing suit and a towel for going under the sprinklers (no swimming) if the weather allows. A set of long pants can be useful too for going in the woods.

Sunblock, anti-allergy and other

We won’t be smearing anything on child(ren)’s skin unless you indicate it. If your child(ren) needs sunblock, anti-allergy medication, insect repellent or other please include it in his bag and let us know. We suggest you do this at home.

We never had ticks at Terragon but we suggest you do a tick check when they come home every day just like you would do every time they are in a grassy area anywhere.

Other important information and Corona protocol

At Terragon, we are taking all the precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and we are strictly following the RIVM rules.

FOOD AND DRINKS: We request that for both holiday nature camps and Wednesday nature club, kids bring their own snacks, lunch and bottle of water.

PICK-UP/ DROP-OFF: Parents can drop off and pick up kids at the entrance courtyard. We request parents to be present as shortly as possible and maintain 1.5 meter distance with staff and with other parents.

HYGIENE: We follow strict hygiene regulations during play time and before/ after eating times. There is routine hand-washing and disinfecting: upon arrival, before eating and after certain activities. We clean materials and surfaces very often. We have soap dispensers, paper towels, and disinfectant hand gel. Kids are instructed to cough and sneeze in the elbow, and to avoid contact of hands with eyes and mouth. Bathrooms are cleaned at least twice a day.

SICK CHILDREN: With mild symptoms like a cold, kids SHOULD STAY AT HOME. You will be able to re-book for another camp day if possible. If one or more family members have or have had mild or severe complaints (fever and/or shortness of breath), all family members should stay indoors until everyone in the house is free from mild complaints (colds, runny nose, sore throat, mild cough, fever) for 24 hours. If a child falls ill at camp, parents are requested to pick up the child as soon as possible to prevent possible spread.

SMALL GROUPS: We will limit the total number of kids and there will be small groups in each activity. All activities are outdoors and in case of rain, small groups will go to different well-ventilated tents and wagons.